Friday, September 17, 2010

Sugarworld Survey....NOW!!

What is that, you ask? Well, it is the link you will need to go to in order to fill out the survey for the Sugarworld options. The options are available for viewing at and will be available for just one week. Please take the time to look through them and choose your preference.

This facility is a much needed one for the entire Cairns community and has always been a busy place during school holidays and during the whole of summer. Having it closed has had a much greater impact on the options for those with children than I think anyone predicted.

My personal preference is for Option 2 as this one allows for more people to slide at any one time, better facilities for those with small children and a much better overall experience for everyone who visits. The addition of racing slides would be a lot of fun and excellent for those who hate feeling closed in. The tip bucket and wet mats are a great idea and the extensive covers are also essential in North Queensland.

The only concern I have is the cost of entry when the park re-opens. There is no mention that I could find of the projected fees which is always a concern. The price previously was affordable, particularly for those of us with large families, making it the ideal venue for parties, get-togethers and community fun days. Hopefully the price will not be inflated and we can still have affordable access to a great facility.

Whichever option you prefer, please fill out the survey at let them know. There is only one week for viewing and that week starts TODAY!! Get on, get typing, get involved.


  1. From what I heard (from council employee) the intention is for the prices to remain the same (what-ever they were). Yes difficult choice of options, 1) like for like, 2) something new and exciting for younger and older children than currently or 3) less and longer to wait. Doh!

  2. Richard, the price was $3 per person (non-sliders) and $8 for sliders. This is a full day price and made the slides cheaper than the local swimming pools if you aren't sliding. A great price for a whole day's entertainment.

  3. I'm pretty sure the most recent prices were $4 for general entry & $12 for slides.
    It's very much a shame that we have not really been given much of a choice here. CRC instructed SGL to provide 3 options - one had to be like for like as a benchmark, the other had to be on Walker Rd, so that only left one option for an improvement on the current site. Again this shows an incompetent Council. Why couldn't we have had say 5 options with some alternatives? I can't believe that CRC is forking out $100k for this adequate study that I could have come up with for FREE. pfft

  4. Lisa, glad to here you're a more skilled consultant than what council is using. Clearly you believe all of the councilours, sitting together, are more stupid than you. With a head this big, how do you get in and out of doorways?