Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Part 2- the reason that I have decided all bets are off!!

Most of those who read this blog will also be readers of CairnsBlog, Hillbilly Watch, Raj Cairns Report or the Northern Truth and whatever other local political blog you can find. That being the case you will have noticed the completely partisan views from almost all readers in their comments.

We have learnt over time to recognise who votes which way and that they are very single-minded. I am one of them. You will also notice on occasion there are those who comment without caring which party they are attacking, though they are few and far between.

Readers of political blogs are by nature, political beings. The reason we all follow all of the different blogs available is because these give us the opportunity to express our views where mainstream media does not. For some reason we feel more powerful and a legitimate part of the democratic process by acting through the internet.

I have found that when a political representative does something good, those who support them say nothing, and those against rant. When the representatives do something stupid, both sides vie for time and space in the comment section. This means that we all recognise that defence is only called for when necessary, and when someone does the right thing, it's unnecessary.

I am concerned that more and more effort is required to defend the actions of the members of our region. We are at the ready with fingers nimble and pre-written phrases in our heads, just waiting for the next opportunity to defend those actions that require it. What it is effectively doing, is widening the divide between local members of the community and causing dislike and, some would argue, hatred within our own ranks.

What makes us the same is that we all support the causes and the parties we are so quick to defend, what sets us apart is the same thing. What the current representatives do not yet understand, is that this division is growing, it is not cause for celebration and it is working against them, whoever they are. We are no longer debating about the future of Cairns and it's surrounding suburbs, instead we are arguing about the merits of what stupidity occurred yesterday.

Until politicians stop giving us so much ammunition, things will not change. I challenged them to stop in the last blog and this is the follow up one which explains where my opinions arose from so I do not need to reiterate. I will be taking note of which, if any ARE actually trying though. All I have to do is read the comments.............

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