Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Bets are off!!

It's all fun and games.......till someone actually does the right thing....then, all bets are off!

Politics, the unlikely saviour for the less fortunate (I always wondered why they are called that? Less fortunate than who exactly?), the down-trodden and the hopeful.

We have a current State Government that is Labor, perhaps not for much longer. I get the feeling that some of those in our region will fail in their bid to be re-elected (or to win the seat with another candidate after retiring) while others will buck the trend and do surprisingly well, Curtis Pitt being a clear example of one who has a pretty good chance of re-election.

The Council is, for the most part, Independent. Even those with the same political affiliations work separately from one another, rarely voting together and have, to date, not formed any sort of block. In contrast to those who do vote as a block yet claim no team, political party or otherwise exists for them.

Add to that a Federal member who is Liberal and you get a combination of just about every party, except Green, running the region we live in.

Those who hold the power to make changes to our city, our lives and our jobs seem to be spending more time arguing about who is failing in their job rather than in actually doing anything worthwhile. They constantly bicker amongst themselves, citing party affiliations as the reason for the differences in opinion.

Frankly, I just want them all to shut up. Do your jobs people and stop trying to convince us you are making big changes because I can't see any!

It pisses me off (yes, I am resorting here to swearing, that's how annoyed I am) that they all think we care about whether or not one is better than the other. It annoys me no end that they appear to care more about the swinging voters and the next election than in doing something NOW that will get them noticed for the right reasons.

I am equally annoyed with Val, Warren, Steve and Jason and don't really care about party politics right now. The recent election is over people! The next one is not for another 18 months. Do not spend that time frittering away the chances you still have to do some truly great things. Forget about which party you represent for just one minute and worry more about the PEOPLE you represent. Remember that those who did not vote for you and do not even like you are still members of your constituency and you are still their representatives.

Would I rather a Labor, a Liberal, a Green or an Independent representing me? I would rather an EFFECTIVE person. At election time we all choose the party we like the best, the one who represents who we feel we are and where we want to go, but now, when there is no election in sight, we just want the job done properly. We had our say, we will have our say again in 18 months, but for now, the people voted in are the ones we are stuck with so don't give us more reasons to vote you out.....give us reasons to vote you in.

Don't worry about the political affiliations of the other people in similar positions to you, work with them anyway, for the good of your region, and get some RESULTS!! If I hear one more person refer to a 'hostile' this or a 'stonewall' that or a 'stooge' or a 'lackey' I will not be responsible for my actions.

You can not control everything or everybody and you feel out of control when you try.....but what you can control is your own voice, your own choices, and your own actions. You will find if you rely only on those things you can control, if you are positive in attitude and behaviour, the results will speak for themselves.

Try it...I dare you.

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