Friday, July 16, 2010

Regional card!!

Ok, so I have only just blogged my thoughts on this issue but an active mind requires time to process it's brilliance and I have just got to post my thoughts on what could (?) be a great solution to so many of the issues raised.

Previously, we recieved a small discount for paying our rates by the due date. This was obviously not generating enough revenue as we all paid them on time to get the discount, so it was removed. Now there is no incentive to pay those large amounts on time. I wonder how many are now paying later or not at all compared to the old system?

Anyway, previously I stated that we, as locals of our region should demand more, especially if we are forced to pay more, from our Council, in terms of roads, cycle paths, art/ sport and cultural facilities. I also stated that a discount for locals could be the answer to having a great Cultural Precinct.

I propose that we bring back the incentive in the form of a ' Regional Card'. Those who pay their rates on time will recieve one for their household. This would entitle them to get a discount at all council run facilities over the course of the 6 months the rates are valid for. It would have the names of those who pay the rates and there would only be one per family/ individual. Businesses could recieve a similar card that entitles them to discounts for conferences, staff parties etc... as long as they are held at Council facilities.

The Regional Card could also contain locals discounts for other local businesses if they choose to participate, reducing their current advertising fees for similar incentive programs run individually, therfore helping local business as well. We would all recieve a flyer informing us of facilities, businesses etc participating and the discounts they are willing to provide.

Would it work.....Is it even a remote possibility? I don't know, but it sounds pretty good to me!!

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  1. I like the sound of that idea. Good one!