Monday, July 26, 2010

Compost the 'worm'!!

I watched the GREAT DEBATE with much interest last night and was fascinated by the actions of the 'worm'. So much so that I changed channels several times to see if the worm was showing up different reactions on the two channels. The one with three colours was the most interesting. I noticed that women like Julia and men like Tony (if they want to be as popular as Kevin was, they need to get used to being called by their first name only).

Not sure why men are enamoured by the wingnut but I have decided that perhaps it's because he is not an Alpha threat to masculinity. We already know that women don't like him because he is a chauvinist and has shown himself to be uncomfortable around women when they are not in a kitchen environment. We know that he prides himself on being archaic and he has shown no interest at all in changing that side of himself.

Men appear to like him because he is more familiar to them and of the two sexes, men are traditionally more opposed to change (have a look in my husband's wardrobe if you don't believe me, or watch his face when I suggest he take another route to pick up the kids from school.) and will gladly go with the 'known factor' over the 'redhead who brought down Kevin 07'. Men hated what they saw as a 'knife in the back' thrown at Kevin. They pride themselves on being loyal to a fault, even though they are just as aware of why it happened and that it was a necessary occurance.

Women like Julia because she is not ashamed of who she is (childless and single). We are constantly having to explain to other women about choices we have made in our lives.

'No, I am not barren, I just don't think that children are necessary to my existance'.

'Yes, I am having a third child because I really want to, not because I accidently got pregnant and yes I know I already have one of each sex.'

'No I don't want to breastfeed past 1 year.'

' No I don't want to stop breastfeedinng at 1 yr'.

'Yes, I do like the fact that I have painted one wall in my house fire engine red'.

'No, I don't want to go to see Sex in The City at the movies, it frankly doesn't interest me'.

'Yes, I did go through the whole of this year with only 4 pairs of shoes, so?'

And so on....and so on.....

Julia being so honest and upfront about who she is, the decisions she has made and the future she sees for herself, is fascinating to the rest of us. We are still struggling to work out who we are now, what we want out of life and why people like a man who wears speedos.

It's all just a big mystery. And the worm says, the winner at the election will be the one with the higher gender proportion enrolled to vote.

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