Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cairns Cultural Precinct.

The current model for the 'volcano' under consideration is one that has caused a great deal of public divide. Surely a plan of this scale, allegedly costing 241 million dollars to build should be loved by more than 50 percent of the population?

In no way do I make claims of being a design architect, nor a builder of anything bigger than a chicken coop for my backyard, however, could we not have a design that better reflects the whole region and those artists among us?

Our regions artists live in Kuranda, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove, Bramston Beach, Edge Hill and various other visionary areas of Cairns. These are all pockets of loveliness with beautiful outlooks and a casual, chic ambience. Surely a building set to house our local art community's work should better reflect the environment they come from?

I propose a building much closer to the ground, with HUGE metal mangroves (two) as the frame to the entrance. These should have lower 'root structures' that children can explore but be too slippery to climb. This would directly reflect the background for this building and the backdrop for all those who live at the beaches. The roof should be reflective of the water in the inlet and be gently undulating 'waves' which also tie in with the roof from the convention centre.

Some part of this structure MUST reflect the Aboriginal and Islander culture of our region and perhaps a large 'serpent' could be built as a walkway between the buildings.

I firmly believe we need an iconic building as do those with a vested interest in the current model but want to see one that embraces our relaxed, visually stunning part of Australia and not one which would be more suitable for a capital city.

I also believe there is not need for a multitude of shops at all. We have plenty of retail opportunities in the area and do not need more. This particular building will house art and artistic pursuits with conferences also a major attraction. People visiting the precinct will need good food, a cafe and a retail outlet that sells artworks. Other than that, no other retail facilities are required. The food should represent the area also and be made from local produce to support and advertise the other attractions in the region. The coffee shop should be owned and run by Coffee Works, Skybury or one of our other great coffee and chocolate makers. We have so many fantastic opportunities for our entire area if this is brought to fruition and I am a huge supporter of the need for this facility.

Bear in mind that my ideas are only ideas and not a direct view of all locals. I would love to hear other opinions on what could be incorporated in the design along with, or differing from my own. I am on Facebook for those who would like to respond.

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