Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who's been paying attention?

Let's talk Labor. Have you heard that they have 'gone off track'? Perhaps you are inclined to think they have 'moved away from their core values' or maybe even that they have become a bit of a disorganised circus? Really?

Let's start in 2010. One week of scrambling following the election from both sides and a hung parliament ensures that the PM has told her first (and as far as I can tell, only) lie. Ok. Let's call her Juliar. Why not. It's catchy. And a lie was told. We all saw it, we all heard it. In fact, we've seen and heard it so many times we could all probably recall her outfit and the date at the time. Yes, she also said that there would be a price on carbon. But that's irrelevant. She lied!

Then, before the eyes of the Labor faithful, the Federal Government passed laws allowing uranium to be sent to India, tried valiantly to 'Stop the BOATS!' and refused to consider legalising same sex marriage. OOPS! There goes Labor. The brand is tarnished. Mass exodus and turning up of noses, followed by months of inner turmoil, leaks and leadership speculation and nothing changed.......or did it?

The leadership is fairly obviously secure. At this point, it is Julia Gillard leading Labor to the election and that is highly unlikely to change.

There is no infighting. Each ALP member of Parliament, including those supposedly after the top job, have come out and reiterated their support for the PM and have kept a dogged determination to stick to policy goals.

The ALP is focussing on the big issues. NDIS, NBN, Carbon Tax, Mining Tax and Gonski reform. Those are all designed to benefit society, benefit the disadvantaged and give everyone in the country a 'fair go'.

I admit to finding it slightly ironic that Labor have excelled at economics yet that is what they are most derided for. Did they spend big? Yes they did. Did it avert a national recession? Why yes, I do believe it did. Now, after the spending is over are they fighting hard to get the surplus back? Indeed it does seem the case.

Here we have a Government which is implementing major legislation to aid those with a disability.

A Government reforming education to help ensure all children have equal opportunity to excel.

A Government which is fighting against the biggest dilemma of a generation, climate change, and is now being mirrored internationally.

A Government which is creating an internet based network which will transform the lives of those in rural and remote areas while allowing education, health and employment an easier ride all over the country.

A Government working hard to create a fair go for all Australians.

Labor have listened, they are paying attention. While the rest of us were not noticing, they returned to their core values.

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