Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ruddspillard saga........

Well, who would have thought it, KRudd fights back!

Almost two years on and he has finally decided that enough is enough and wants his old job back. Oh, we knew this day would come. We all saw the writing on the wall from the moment that Kevin was given the job as Foreign Minister.

What we didn't see coming was the completely orchestrated manoeuvring happening via our media and the frankly appalling come-backs from the Gillard camp. It's the biggest train wreck we've ever had to watch, in slow motion replay.

I'm a talker by nature. I do it well and do it often. Verbally and written, I have had the same conversation with people all over the region on this disaster and the future of the Government. There is no point being a talker if you aren't also an active listener. In that, I am constantly improving but here's what I have learnt so far.

The general population prefers Rudd but won't commit to actually voting for him and nobody except ALP members themselves even like Gillard. ALP members are overwhelmingly in support of Gillard. I assume that is because she has actually done a pretty good job at balancing the requirements of a hung parliament (something that Gillard supporters are positive Rudd could not do).

While door-knocking and participating in street stalls at shopping centres people can't wait to tell you their views. I have no idea how they usually vote, but most of them voted for Kevin. All of them have a strong distaste for Julia. People can argue as much as they like about what is best for the ALP but the reality is, if only ALP members voted for either of the two involved in this, they would lose the election next year.

Social media has become a hive of activity on this topic, with the following some of my favourites so far:

On Facebook:

Dear Mr Rudd,

Mr Rudd I think you need to be reminded that there was no midnight coup. You were challenged to put the leadership to the vote and you didn't.

Instead, after walking away from the ETS, you let down all of your supporters once again and resigned rather than put up a fight that you had a better chance of winning back then than you do now.

You were then given the foreign ministers job rather than shoved on the back bench and you've done a brilliant job representing our great country.

But behind the scenes' your leaks and secret conversations with the media and sabotaging the 2010 election was nothing short of treason.

You go on about faceless men, yet you tell your media friends that you will disclose information as long as they guarantee your anonimity and then claim you know nothing!!!
Who's really the liar then Kevin?
Who's really the faceless man behind the Labor Party?

Its natural to be angry, hurt and upset when you were put in that position. But you stayed on as part of the team and yet you were hell bent on destabilising it to the point where we stand a very good chance of having Tony Abbott as PM.
He has a lot to thank you for at the moment Mr. Rudd. Well done.
LNP cannot ask for a better opportunity- but where are they? The best Julie Bishop can muster is to point out that Australia prefers dysfunctional and backstabbing labor pm's to giving mr no policy Abbot a crack at the big chair.
whilst the rest of Australia is wondering who's gunna be prime minister who wants to join me in toppling the government and opposition and running the country our selves.
Hmm who to pick, Australia's worst ever Prime Minister or the man she knifed to take the title........ Of the worst ever Prime Minister.
I am hoping Ruddy slips back into power. Julia is not good in anyway for our business or our industry. Infact we have hoped from her first moment in power that it was time for her to leave!

On Twitter:

I don't believe Kevin Rudd is the son of Satan, but I DO believe he is the son of a Lego figurine and a blank A4 sheet of paper.
. @Therese_Rein owes every electorate officer in this country a present. If you are ringing your MP, make sure you ring federel, not state.
Rudd says he is not Captain Perfect. Anthony Albanese stops memorising "Oh Captain, My Captain" speech from Dead Poet's Society...
Gillard says it is not an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Although at this stage I might vote for Warwick Capper's penis...
Julia Gillard says Monday's #respill "is not Celebrity Big Brother", presumably because people will be watching it.
And there you have it. A small snippet of interaction regarding this weeks political upheaval.

Is Kevin one of the 'faceless men'? Is this a long term plan that he began in 2010?

Is Julia good for this country and the ALP? Are the comments made recently by her supporters and herself doing her campaign to keep her job any favours?

Frankly, I don't care.

Just fix it. On Monday, whatever the outcome, move on and do what you are paid to do. The voters chose both of you at different times, pull your heads in and think of them before your own ambitions and ego's threaten to cause a complete meltdown of our Federal Government.

Both have promised that Monday will be the end of it. Both have agreed to move to the backbench and never challenge again if they should lose the ballot.

That promise is one which everyone is hoping they adhere to, regardless of the political views they hold.

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