Monday, August 8, 2011

The 5% who force us to look stupid.

Political correctness gone awry. Too many rules, too many regulations, too many signs placed all around us letting us know we are not to be trusted to make choices and decisions on our own. Apparently we are all idiots.

On further examination it appears that we are not actually considered fools at all but every organisation and Government tier has to cover itself for any eventualities lest they be sued for all they have and then some. When did we become a litigating society who blames everyone but themselves when we make an error in judgement? Why are we so keen to take every business, organisation and Government department to court to make them pay for our own stupidity? Oh, the majority wouldn't. But because perhaps 5% of the population is determined to remain faultless instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions we have a situation where the average person is paying for that 5%.

Every sign we see that announces there are rocks over there and rocks might get slippery or one which mentions it might be a good idea to slow down if it's raining is only there because of that 5%.

Every time we pay exorbitant fees for children's sporting and artistic pursuits the bulk of that expense (insurance) is only as high as it is because of that 5%.

While I don't expect things to stay the same price for decades, even over 5 years, it irritates me that people can be so self absorbed that they fail to recognise the cost to the broader community when they make a claim based on petty complaint.

I have no objection to anyone using the insurance and litigation available to them if there was genuine fault in the way an organisation was operating or a negligent act occurred which caused distress, illness or injury. Insurance is vital and an essential safety guard for all who require it. The cost is very high however and does not need to be.

Would you sue the Council if you tripped on the pavement and broke a tooth? Would you sue a children's sporting organisation if your child injured themselves on the field playing sport? Would you sue a business for failing to provide healthy food in the cafe and you became overweight?

When did we stop taking responsibility for our own actions? When did we stop accepting the dangers in living a normal life but going for it anyway?

People are constantly writing articles in Parenting magazines, blogs (even mine) and in other print/online media about the dangers of cotton-wooling our children. There is an accepted renewal in the view that we need to encourage our children to take leaps of faith and trust their own judgement more. Why would they do that though, if we can't? It's not the children who need to remove the cotton wool, it's the adults!

Do something this week that frightens you a little. Not anything stupid or especially dangerous. Just something that you've always had to talk yourself OUT of. If you needed convincing not to do it, maybe you should just go for it. Take a leap of faith and trust your instincts. Life is all about living....maybe it's time to really LIVE IT!!

And while your at it, if you've got kids, unwrap the cotton wool from them too. Give them their dinner tonight on breakable plates, with shiny silver cutlery and a real glass to drink from. Trust that they won't break the lot and if they do, forgive them and try again tomorrow night. They'll soon work it out.

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  1. I liked your comments, thankyou. There's a lot of money in litigation for the legal fratenity and that's why we are going this way. They will tell people they aren't responsible for their own actions when they hurt themselves and back it up with no win no pay.