Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to the community.........

It's time to get back to doing something which I enjoy but have not had a great deal of time for this year. Back to polling the neighbourhood. Walking from door to door in and around my suburb has taught me a lot about the needs and wants of those living in my area, but it's also taught me a lot in ways I had never expected. The first few times I did it I had a pre-conceived view on each of the streets (sometimes based on appearance, sometimes on word of mouth) and quite strong personal opinions on the subjects I raised with residents. Hopefully, my blog posts were reflective of the opinions I gathered and not my own as the whole point of this initiative was to step outside and find out if I was writing things that were actually relevant to the people around me.

This time around I am not writing about the particular streets I travel down. This allows people to be a little more open in their responses because last time, once the residents became familiar with the blog, they seemed to measure their words carefully. That's fair enough. With that in mind I will mention the suburbs but not the individual street name.

The questions posed have also changed. Where before I asked about specific items such as the Precinct, this time the questions are broader when they concern the region but specific when concerning the southern corridor. The emphasis will remain the same and the goal will also remain the same. To find out more about the wants and needs of the residents on the south side of Cairns. Specifically Bentley Park, Mt Sheridan and Edmonton.

See you all here, next Tuesday for the first instalment of 'Polling the Neighbourhood - Part II'.

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