Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feel good? I hope so..........

In the 7 months I have been blogging, parts of my blog have appeared on 6 different occasions in other local blogs around the region. Sometimes they are complimentary, usually they are not. The most common complaint appears to be that I write 'feel good' articles.

I write about many and varied issues; politics, parenting and current affairs. I write about my views and those of the people in my immediate area. I write about the things that are affecting the people in my community.

My primary purpose in writing this blog was to galvanise those people into action to affect change where change is needed. The best way to do that, is with positive direction.

I could write about all of the negative parts of every issue that we in the community are facing. I could write about the despair and hopelessness that is everywhere you look. I could even write feature articles about things we can't, or won't change. Frankly, I see no point in doing that.

There are plenty of blogs that focus on those aspects of our lives. Plenty of media avenues that fill their pages or airways with the dreary, depressing nature of the way we live. Why would I choose to follow that same path and compound the constricting nature of that method of doing things?

Everything I write has hope. Every article has a bright side. It's how I choose to live. If I can't offer a solution (even a slightly naive one) or a positive direction then I haven't achieved what I set out to do. I am sick and tired of reading articles that inform the public of all that is wrong and never try to offer a way to make it right. Who wants to live in that world? Not me!

Change is possible. Change is necessary. Change should never be put in the 'too hard basket'. Nor should we ever be led to believe that because we aren't in a position of power we are unable to make those changes happen ourselves.

After reading the comments made by others I have come to the realisation that they are completely truthful and actually quite complimentary. After all.......who doesn't want to feel good?


  1. And that's great. Except the news isn't always good and pollyannaish posts don't quite cover the fact that without dissent, we would be as lambs to the slaughter.

    In saying that though, I agree. 'Negativity' gets thrown around like an African Baby during a Madonna tour. I, am as guilty as anyone ... well, not of throwing babies ... but you get my drift.

    The thing for me is what's happening 'between the lines'. To show love and too be loving are two totality different things.

    One requires cunning, the other requires courage.

    Seems to me that committees, focus groups, boards and parliaments are based on the former.

    But I could be wrong.

    It's happened before.

    Take it easy, but don't be easily taken.

  2. Point taken. Trust me (don't you hate it when people say that) when I tell you I am not easily taken.

    Perhaps I am the antithesis of all those who choose to dwell in the darkness of life's trials and tribulations. Nobody is untouched by real life drama. It permeates us all. How we choose to deal with it or change it, is up to all of us.

    Am I to ignore the problem my neighbour is having because the problem is bigger than it looks? No. I choose instead to look for a way that results can be achieved and act on that.

    My head is not in the clouds and my glasses are the usual kind, I just prefer to look for solutions rather than mire myself in the negativity of every issue.

    Looking 'between the lines' is something that I always do and I never make foolish promises or urge people to try something that will garner no result. I also make sure than when I am asking people to act in a certain way, I am also doing the same thing myself.

    Nothing worse than a hypocrite.

    Will I change the world? Not bloody likely! But maybe I can help make some parts easier to live in.

    Dissent is in the letters I ask people to write, the phone calls I urge them to make and the petitions I write......with the hope that the results will be the bright side.