Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Final Countdown! Thank God!!

Final days of political persuassion coming up and I only have one wish. Stop the negative campaigning. I am a little sick of the entire campaign as it has been centred on what each party does not do, will not do or will remove.

All I want to know is, what does the party I choose to vote for, stand for? What are they going to do for my region and country? What are the other parties promising to do? What is their long term goal?

It gets truly annoying when all you are hearing are the negative aspects of each opposing party and none of the positive. Why do they think that I will be swayed by the promise that they won't do what the other will? At what point did my country become so caught up in the 'Opposite Game' that I am not hearing anything positive from any side of politics?

It has been a truly average performance from all of the advertising avenues this time around and I could almost guarantee that if polled, most of the population would say that they are watching the media and the candidates closely, to see which one says the things they are looking for and are completely ignoring all advertising.

Last night on Q & A the first question centred on the campaigning at this election and the lack of positivity coming from either party. Tony Abbott responded by slagging off the Labor Party and Julia Gillard, at which point the other Tony made reference to the fact that this type of response was exactly what the public have had enough of. In this issue I can honestly say that neither party has done very well.

Locally there is one truly abhorrent Warren Enstch ad, complete with flatlining black and white pic of Jim, and one ad with Warren himself that is not too bad. There is one Jim Turnour ad that I am in, and I am eternally grateful that it is not negative in any way and focuses instead on achievements.

Ignoring the shocker with the heartbeat, local pollies are not doing a bad job of remaining positive in their t.v ads. The pamphlets leave a lot to be desired, from all parties, and we are getting really sick of the large doses we are copping. The trees are suffering and our wheely bins are filling fast. I defy anyone to read each piece of political paraphenalia they have had sent to them in varied forms over the past two weeks and still have time for a life.

With ony a few days of campaigning left, both local candidates need to concentrate on their future visions for our areas, the issues they will fight for us on in Canberra and the reasons they became polititions in the first place. I bet it wasn't to slash the opposition down to size.

The Federal leaders are not going to read this,(and why should they, hopefully they have much more important things to do) but I ask the same from them. I know that Mr Abbott will close training centres, remove funding from hospitals and schools, build a crappy internet system, cap immigration and slug large businesses with a huge tax to fund a ridiculously unfair parental leave program. I also know that Ms Gillard will not stop the boats, the NBN will cost approx 5'000 per household making it the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken, has bungled the insulation scheme, wants to re-visit climate change initiatives that have previously failed and will tax big miners to pay for Superannuation increases and a few other things.

What we WANT to know now is pretty simple.....Why should we vote for you? Instead of...... Why should we NOT vote for them!

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